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Jerzy Kukuczka Foundation needs Your Support!

We are looking for volunteers who would like to support the activities of the Foundation regarding the development of Polish climbing.

Moreover, a distribution of information leaflets concerning the campaign on donating 1% of the tax to the Kukuczka Foundation. It would be wonderful if our leaflets could be found everywhere where potential Grantors are – in Mountaineering Clubs, climbing halls, mountain and outdoor shops, mountain lodges, ski lift stations.

We also need urgently Volunteers who could support us with their organizational skills. We will welcome warmly representatives of Clubs who could take some “office” resposibilities upon themselves which will lead to a better situation of our community.

Any form of marketing, promotional, logistic and office help will be a great convenience for us in intensive, social work. Help Helpers Help!

Contact us:

Bezpieczny Kazbek Fundacja Himalaizmu Polskiego im. Andrzeja Zawady
Polski Związek Alpinizmu Klub Wysokogórki Warszawa brytan