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Report on operations in 2006

Dodane przez Marek Karnecki w 27.03.2007
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On March 28, 2007 the meeting of Council and Borad of the Foundation took place. The Board approved the content of documents required by the law for 2006 and transferred them to the Foundation Council for evaluation. According to the Council’s view, all activities of the Board have been performed in compliance with the Foundation’s Statues, and settlements are compliant with the actual state of affairs. The documentation, apart from this publication, will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Apart from that the Foundation’s Board dealt with several current matters:

  1. Jacek Rządkowski presented the course of his visit to Zakopane and discussion regarding creation of Symbolic Cementary, about what we have informed meticulously in earlier notofications. Our activities were evaluated in an extremely positive way by Zbigniew Skoczylas (member of Foundation’s Council) who was one of the initiators of the entire venture. We are going to continue discussions with the province of Dominicans, which is the formal host of the terrain next to the chapel on Wiktorówki. Jacek Rządkowski presented also a confirmation of payment for the grave of J.Długosz and business trip - the Board decided to refund the costs of the journey. After the meeting we received an information that prior to the initiation of the “Graves of the Tatra Climbers” programme, payments for graves of Woźniak and Nunberg were made by Mountaineering Club in Cracow on B.Morawska-Nowak initiative. Detailed information and documents will be published soon.
  2. The Board familiarized itself with the request of the Tatra Mountains Commission of Polish Mountaineering Association concerning financing purchase of equipment for the camp “Szałasiska” in the Tatras. The Board considered this application positively and decided that the decision concerning the amount of dotation will be made during the next meeting (scheduled for the end of May).
  3. The Board familiarized itself with the request of the publisher planning a jubilee edition of the book “Miejsce przy stole” by A.Wilczkowski. The decision concering this matter will also be made during the next meeting.
  4. Due to the fact that Mr. Paszczak and people applying in the second stage of “competition” for financial support from A.Zawada Fund could not appear, an additional meeting devoted only to this matter was scheduled for the next week.

On the behalf of Foundation’s Board: Jacek Rządkowski


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