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Report on operations in 2004

Dodane przez Marek Karnecki w 23.03.2005
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The Council approved the Borad’s report without reserves and confirmed that all the decisions made were in accordance with the statutory purposes of the Foundation; it also approved and accepted the financial statement for the previous year. Copies of documents were sent to the National Court Register (KRS), appropriate ministries and other authorities.


Załącznik Rozmiar
2005.03.23 Sprawozdanie za 2004 rok.pdf 82.23 KB
2005.03.23 Sprawozdanie finansowe za 2004 rok.pdf 350.41 KB
2005.03.23 Komentarz do sprawozdania finansowego.pdf 88.2 KB
2005.03.23 Rachunek wyników za 2004 rok.pdf 356.94 KB
2005.03.23 Rachunek wyników wyjaśnienie.pdf 66.03 KB

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