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Foundation’s Council

Foundation’s Council is a an inspection authority of the Board. It should – according to the Statues – meet at least once a year. The most important tasks include: approval of annual reports of the Board and acknowledgement of the fulfilment of its duties, as well as appointing and dismissing members of the Foundation’s Board. Currently, the following people form the Foundation’s Council:

1. Janusz Majer – Chairman of the Council. Former long-term president of Mountaineering Club in Katowice and vice-president of Polish Mountaineering Association. Leader of several expeditions to the Himalayas and Karakorum. Conqueror of Broad Peak, attempting to summit K2 via the "Magic Line" route, he reached the altitude of 8,200 m above sea level.

2. Ryszard Dmoch. Long-term organizational associate of Polish Mountaineering Association and expeditions of Andrzeja Zawady, participated in many of them.

3. Ph. D. Kacper Gradoń. One of the initiators and informal chief of the Social Campaign "Śmigło dla Tatr" ("A Propeller for the Tatra Mountains"). Reaserch worker of the University of Warsaw, criminologist. He prepares documentation of the Foundation for the statutory authorities. During the current tenure, he belongs to the Arbitration by Fellow Members of Polish Mountaineering Association.

Andrzej Paczkowski

4. Prof. Andrzej Paczkowski.

a historian specializing in modern history, a professor at Collegium Civitas and the Political Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of Collegium of the Institute of National Remembrance, a participant in democratic opposition and illegal structures of “Solidarność.” His climbing debut took place in 1956. He has climbed in the Tatras, the Alps, and the Dolomites, in the Caucasus, Pamir as well as the Mongol Altai Mountains. He has co-authored numerous books, mountain photo books and magazine articles (in “Taternik” and “Wierchy”). In 1974-1995 he was a President of Polish Mountaineering Association. His mountain nickname is Sheep (less often Lamb).

5. Zbigniew Stefan SKIERSKI "Siekiera"

a member of the Mountaineering Club in Warsaw since 1970. In 1973-1979 he belonged to the University Alpine Club of Warsaw and was a Board member as well as vice-President. For a number of years he has been a Board member of the Mountaineering Club in Warsaw and for a couple of years he has been its vice-President. He climbed in the Garhwal Himalayas (a new route on Arjuna, 1983) and on Makalu; in the Alps (e.g. on the Frêney Pillar of Mount Blanc – the third Polish ascent in 1980); in the Caucasus (e.g. a new route on Central Shkhelda, 1984) and in Rile. In the Tatras he has authored many interesting sends and repeats.

6. Andrzej Sobolewski

for over half a century his activities has been closely related to the mountains; a senior instructor of Polish Mountaineering Association. A participant of the first winter send of the Tatra ridge in 1959 and numerous expeditions into the Caucasus, the Pamir, the Altai, the Himalayas, the Andes and mountains of Alaska. He has made a lot of first or second ascents, e.g. Peak Korzhenevskaya, Lenin Peak and Ismoil Somoni Peak. For several years he has been actively participating in organizational and training activities of Polish Mountaineering Association, Mountaineering Club and Polish Mountain Club. He has been a Treasurer of Polish Mountaineering Association and a Director of Tatra Mountains Committee of Polish Mountaineering Association. An honorary member of these organizations. Currently he is a Chairman of Polish Mountaineering Association’s Arbitration by Fellow Members.

7. Krzysztof Wielicki -one of the most outstanding Himalayan mountaineers in the world. A conqueror of all the fourteen eight-thousanders.

8. Marek Kaliciński

9. Piotr Xięski

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