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Annual report on operations in 2008


On March 27, 2009 the meeting of Council and Borad of the Foundation took place. The Board approved the content of documents required by the law for 2008 and transferred them to the Foundation Council for evaluation. According to the Council’s view, all activities of the Board have been performed in compliance with the Foundation’s Statues, and settlements are compliant with the actual state of affairs. The documentation, apart from this publication, will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

Attachement Size
Income steatment,balance,notes bilans 2008 1.45 MB
Essential report 2008 46 KB
Account balances 2008 I 596.68 KB
Account balances 2008 II 556.85 KB
Balance 2008.pdf 457.48 KB
Notes 2008 642.1 KB
Income steatment 2008 415.71 KB
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