KRS 0000084062

One percent

Jerzy Kukuczka Polish Moutainnering Support Foundation gained a status of Public Benefit Institutions in 2004. As a result, anyone can donate 1,5% of tax to one of the campaigns run by the Foundation.

It may be verified at;;;

To facilitate filling in the Peronal Income Tax (PIT) forms we prepared for You a special programme containing these forms where appropriate sections are already filled in with Foundation’s data.

You can also use the link below:

In 2023 donating 1,5% of tax due for 2022 becomes incredibly easy. It suffices to fill in a proper section in annual tax declaration. / PIT 28; PIT 36; PIT 36L; PIT 37; PIT 38 /

(After calculating the amount of tax that we have to pay this year), in the last sections of tax declaration, we should write the name of a Public Benefit Institution, i.e.:

Jerzy Kukuczka Polish Moutainnering Support Foundation
and the numer from the National Court Register, i.e.: National Court Register 0000084062.

One should also write the amount, which one wishes to donate to the Foundation, and which does not excede 1,5% of due tax resulting from the tax declaration after rounding it down to full grosz (art. 45, section 5c Personal Income Tax Act).

1,5% of income tax for 2018 may be transferred by:

There exists a possibility that when one fills in an appropriate section, one may also agree that the tax office will transfer One’s data / name, surname, address, the amount of 1,5% / to our Foundation.

More information at:

There one may also verify if one is entitled to donate 1,5%.

Financial statements, balance sheets for each year of activity and Foundation’s documents / REGON (National Official Business Register) number, Statues, registrations in National Court Register / may be found in the link Documents on the Foundation’s main page.

They may be also found at:  and on the website of National Court Register.

Individuals interested in detailed documents should contact the Foundation’s office. Enabling access to these documents, at any request of the interested, is treated as our obligation towards the Grantors.

For those who would like to support us with a donation, here is data for bank transfers:

Fundacja Wspierania Alpinizmu Polskiego im. Jerzego Kukuczki
04-549 Warszawa ul. Korkowa 167 (KRS 0000084062)

Bank Millenium ul.Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa

IBAN : PL  04 1160 2202 0000 0000 5515 5611

There is also a possibility to make a direct payment via Internet Payment System „PaYPal” or „”, please use credit card.

In this case, one should click the link „Donations„.

Jerzy Natkański 23.01.2010

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